Speed Reduction Programme

To reduce speeding and improve road safety on New Park Road we installed 7 sinusoidal humps earlier this year.

Image of speed humps in Lambeth
Project status: Completed Cost: £21,000 TfL Neighbourhood: Brixton

In March 2020, the council installed 7 sinusoidal humps along New Park Road to reduce speeding and improve safety for other road users, including pedestrians, cyclist and motorcyclist.

Since April 2016, Lambeth has been a 20mph borough, however, we have widespread speeding issues with over 90 roads exceeding this limit.

Due to a large number of roads with high speeds, officers have had to develop a rationale to assess the roads to prioritise them.

Speed data for a road was cross-referenced with collision (accidents) data, road classification, on a Healthy Route and whether there was a school nearby, and weighting was given to each.

New Park Road (Thornton Road to Streatham Place) received a high score and therefore, was included in the 2019-20 speed reduction programme based on the following information:

  • Speed (5-day average, surveys were undertaken in January 2017): 24.6mph
  • Collisions: 4
  • Road Classification: Residential
  • On a Healthy Route: Yes

There is not a school on this section of the road, however, there is one nearby.

The most effective way of slowing drivers is to install speed humps. These ones we installed are full road width humps with a shallower initial rise, which is more comfortable and safer for cyclists. However, they are high enough to be uncomfortable to drive over at speed in a vehicle.



New Park Road