Children’s centres aim to provide children and their families with the best start in life.

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1. About children's centres

Our network of children’s centres offer a wide range of activities, help and support for young children and their families.

These include health services like:

  • ante-natal and post-natal care
  • baby clinics
  • groups to support breastfeeding and infant feeding
  • support around children’s diet and nutrition.

Our speech and language therapists can support and guide you on children’s early communication and language skills, and some centres provide additional specialist support for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Centres also offer lots of stay and play groups and activities for babies, toddlers and young children to attend with parents and carers, and some centres provide childcare, including free early learning for 2 year olds.

There are lots of services for parents and carers too including:

  • family learning courses
  • parenting support groups
  • ESOL classes
  • support around training and employment.

You can get information about accessing benefits or dealing housing difficulties from a skilled advisor, and the centre’s Better Start worker can give you additional help and support about a wide range of topics including parenting and child development, finding childcare, and signposting to other services that may be able to support you or your child.

They will aim to provide this support as soon as you need it so that by the time your child is 5 years old they are happy, healthy and ready for school.

Some of the services are open to everyone with a child aged 0 to 4, and others are aimed at children of particular ages or particular groups. These might include dad groups, services to support young parents, or those for parents speaking English as an additional language.

2. Request information from your local children’s centre

Fill in the children’s centre contact form to find out more information about your local children’s centre or to request additional support.

Contact your local children's centre

Who can use this service

Parents and carers of children under 5 years old living in Lambeth can use this form to find out what services their local children’s centre provide or to request additional support.

Professionals or other organisations including GPs, midwives and health visitors working with parents, carers and parents to be may also use this service to help those they are working with to receive additional information and support as long as the person they are working with provides their consent.

Sharing your information

When you complete this form, your information will be shared with a children’s centre that is near to your home, and they will contact you directly to tell you more about the centre and the services available.

By completing this form, you are giving your consent to your information being shared for this purpose.

3. Finding a centre near you

Visit your local children's centre to find out more and to see what's on offer.

Find your nearest children's centre

Get the support you need at your local centre or call the Family Information Service on 020 7926 9558 or email for more information.