Anti-social behaviour in Lambeth

Use this guide to find information and advice on how to deal with anti-social behaviour.

People are affected in different ways by anti-social behaviour (ASB). For some, it might be the stress caused by noisy or nuisance neighbours. For others, having to walk past people drinking in the street can create anxiety.

Anti-social behaviour can include:

  • noise
  • shouting, swearing and fighting
  • intimidation of neighbours and others through threats or actual violence
  • harassment, including racial harassment or sectarian aggression
  • verbal abuse
  • abusive behaviour aimed at causing distress or fear to certain people, for example, elderly or disabled people
  • driving in an inconsiderate or careless way, for example, drivers congregating in an area for racing
  • dumping rubbish
  • animal nuisance
  • vandalism or property damage.

We want you to feel safe in your home and neighbourhood. If you witness anti-social behaviour please tell us about it so we can help.