Anti-social behaviour in Lambeth

Use this guide to find information and advice on how to deal with anti-social behaviour.

Vulnerable Victim Referrals

The Vulnerable Victims of Anti-Social Behaviour Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) is a meeting of experts held on the second Thursday of each month, who share information on referred cases affecting vulnerable victims and offenders of anti-social behaviour. The main goals are to protect the victims and those who are involved, and to stop additional victimisation.

A Vulnerable Victim Referral can be made for the victim or survivor by professionals who support victims of anti-social behaviour, as well as by legal and volunteer divisions.

The referral should not be disclosed to the perpetrator.

Referrals can be made at any point in time in relation to residents experiencing anti-social behaviour. Please download and complete both of the following forms, then return them to the relevant person based referenced on the form.

Following the referral, additional evidence from partners will be required to help assess the risk. If the referral falls short of the requirement, advice and suggestions for the best course of action will be provided to you.