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Expert by Experience Panel and Survivor Forum

People with lived experience of violence and abuse (or ‘experts by experience’) are best placed to advise on what solutions, support and services will make a positive difference to their lives.

As part of Lambeth’s Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy 2021-2027, the borough will establish an Experts by Experience Panel and a forum for survivors.

These spaces will enable people with lived experience to be involved in the delivery of our strategy and shape change for survivors in Lambeth.

In February and March 2023 we ran a consultation with local victims and survivors to support the design of our new Experts by Experience Panel. You can see more details about this on our have your say on the design of the panel consultation page.

Gaia Centre peer mentor

Gaia offers peer mentoring volunteer opportunities. The role delivers one-to-one support to clients to increase confidence, reduce isolation and to re-build their lives.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, email the Gaia Centre at,uk.

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African Advocacy Foundation (AAF) peer mentor

The African Advocacy Foundation (AAF) trains women with lived experiences as peer mentors to support other women in similar situations.

This approach builds on grassroots community conversations aimed at empowering women and girls affected by violence to speak out and seek support.

For more information on becoming a peer mentor, visit the AAF website or email

Lambeth Safer Streets campaign

The safety of women and girls in public spaces in one of Lambeth’s priorities. Let us know where you feel safe or unsafe in Lambeth using our interactive online map.

You can mark areas where you feel safe or unsafe, tell us why and suggest what more we can do to help. Sharing your concerns and ideas will help us to make a safer borough for everyone.

We are challenging men and boys to call out the harassment of women and girls on our streets and join our Look Out For Lambeth campaign.