Information for practitioners

Information for practitioners on how to provide the best support to victims and survivors of VAWG.

How to support a victim and survivor to make a disclosure

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How to support and encourage victims and survivors to make a disclosure.

Do speak in a safe place - check it's safe
Don't speak in front of others or the perpetrator

Do make safety the priority
Don't tell them to leave and get frustrated if they don't

Do preserve confidentiality - explain your limits
Don't tell the perpetrator, breach a confidentiality agreement, promise to keep a secret

Do have an empowering approach - build confidence​
Don't blame the victim, ask what they did​

Do believe
Don't mediate or suggest counselling​

Do empathise - show emotion​
Don't show shock, horror, judgment or disinterest​

Do explain the limits of your role​
Don't do nothing

Do offer specialist support​
Don't attempt to offer specialist advice​

Do use accredited interpreters​
Don't use family or friends to interpret​

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