Have your say on our proposals for Brixton business district highways improvements and parking plans

Open date: Friday, 11 October 2019 at 9.00am Close date: Friday, 1 November 2019 at 11.00pm Type: Consultation Neighbourhood: Brixton Category:
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Please note this consultation is closed

We want your views on our proposals for Brixton business district highway improvements and parking proposals. The consultation runs from 11 October to 1 November 2019. Please share your views with us in writing or by email.

What is happening in this area?

We are proposing to implement a one-way westbound traffic system on part of Rushcroft Road and Electric Lane south as part of the Council’s Collision Reduction Programme.

To help reduce speeding on Coldharbour Lane and Belinda Road we plan to install a speed table, this is also part of the Council's Collision Reduction Programme. There also plans to install a new cycle lane to improve safety and connectivity between some of the Brixton Liveable Neighbourhood cycle routes.

To further support local businesses we are also proposing additional on-street parking bays to increase capacity in Rushcroft Road, Porden Road, Saltoun Road, Kellett Road and Mervan Road.

What are the plans?

Every Highway Authority has a duty to deliver measures to reduce collisions and promote road safety. Lambeth’s Local Implementation Plan, approved in June 2019, sets the following objectives:

Collision reduction

  • By 2022 – reduce the number of people who are killed or seriously injured by 50% against 2005-09 levels
  • By 2030 - reduce the number of people who are killed or seriously injured by 55% against 2010-14 levels
  • By 2041 – eliminate all deaths and serious injuries from London’s streets

The Council’s Road Danger Reduction Manager reviews police reports following collisions where people are injured. Where a potential cluster or pattern in terms of location, vehicle-type, or manoeuvre is identified, an investigation study is carried out. The annual review of collisions reported between January 2014 and December 2016 identified the A2217 Coldharbour Lane as likely to benefit from collision reduction measures.

Rushcroft Road/ Electric Lane (South)

13 collisions in the latest 36 month study period have been recorded on Coldharbour Lane between Rushcroft Road and Electric Road, with 92% involving pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. The percentage of collisions involving vulnerable road users, i.e. pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists justify new measures to improve this area of the road network.

The proposed one-way system will address the collision record by reducing the number of permissible vehicle movements and user confusion at both junctions with Coldharbour Lane.

We are proposing to:

  • Stop vehicular entry from Electric Avenue (S) and from 1 to 12 Hereford House on to Rushcroft Road. Traffic will only be permitted to travel one-way south-westbound on Rushcroft Road. This will assist in reducing the number of permissible movements on both junctions of Electric Lane (south) and Rushcroft Road, making the junctions easier to navigate as a vulnerable road user. Implementing a one-way traffic system will reduce driver conflicts and address anti-social driver behaviour such as the use of horns.
  • Additional restrictions are proposed to address unsafe and illegal parking on the junction corners.
  • Two new residents’ only parking spaces are proposed outside 1 to 8 Suffolk House to remove the potential for vehicles to U-Turn and travel the incorrectly on the new one-way.

It is not proposed to allow contraflow cycling due to the narrow carriageway width, visibility and associated safety implications.

You can view the proposals on the Rushcroft Road detailed design plan.

Coldharbour Lane/ Belinda Road

18 collisions in the latest 36-month study period were recorded on Coldharbour Lane between Loughborough Park and Belinda Road. 77% involved pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

We are proposing to:

  • Construct a raised table on Coldharbour Lane and Belinda Road to reduce vehicle speed where speeds up to 57mph were captured.
  • Provide a new cycle lane on the north side of Coldharbour to make conditions safer for cyclists. The cycle lane will improve connectivity between several Liveable Neighbourhood cycling routes.
  • Additional restrictions to address unsafe and illegal parking on the proposed new raised table and cycle lane.

You can view the proposals on the Coldharbour Lane/Belinda Road detailed design plan.

Business Parking

New building developments in the Brixton area have reduced on-street parking. Brixton business district parking has come under pressure.

We have currently issued 54 business permits (16 all zone and 38 single zone) in the Brixton Zone B and Brixton Inner Zone BI. There are limited parking spaces valid for businesses permits and few are exclusive to businesses. Most are shared between residents, businesses and visitors who pay to park.

The lack of dedicated parking facilities means business permit holders are frequently circling the local road network looking for a space to park. To support local businesses we are proposing a total of 24 additional on-street parking bays and 1 new disabled bay to increase parking capacity in:

  • Rushcroft Road
  • Porden Road (disabled bay)
  • Saltoun Road
  • Kellett Road
  • Mervan Road

18 of these parking spaces would accommodate business permit holders. 3 of these parking bays would be shared with residents and pay by phone users. Most of the new parking spaces would replace existing single or double yellow lines, avoiding any negative impact on parking stress. The new bays will not obstruct any access or impede the free movement of traffic.

  • Porden Road (replacing those removed to enable construction vehicles to access Civic Centre side)
  • Introducing 4 business only bays, Introducing 9 residents only bays, Introducing 1 Disabled bay.
  • Saltoun Road
  • Introducing 3 business only bays
  • Kellet Road
  • Introducing 2 business only bays
  • Mervan Road
  • Introducing 6 business only bays
  • Trinity Gardens
  • Converting 3 shared use Res/Bus/PBP bays to business only

All new bays are replacing existing waiting restrictions.
Res – resident permit holders
Bus – business permit holders
PbP – pay by phone users

Business parking permits currently cost £630 for a single zone per year, whilst all zone permits are £1,575 per year. As part of the Brixton Low Emission Neighbourhood project, a review of the on-street parking facilities for holders of business parking permits will be undertaken to reallocate space to those businesses who have invested in electric vehicles.

You can view the proposals on the detailed design plan for Brixton business parking.

Why are we considering these proposals?

The one-way system on Rushcroft Road will address the road safety record on Coldharbour Lane between Rushcroft Road and Electric Road as part of the Council’s Collision Reduction programme.

The raised table on Coldharbour Lane and Belinda Road will physically enforce slower vehicle speeds at this location and support the Council’s road safety and collision reduction objectives.

Providing additional on-street parking bays will increase parking capacity in Rushcroft Road, Porden Road, Saltoun Road, Kellett Road and Mervan Road and support local businesses.

Our proposals deliver two of the priorities identified in the Borough Plan, Future Lambeth: Strong and Sustainable Neighbourhoods and Inclusive Growth.

You can find out more by viewing the formal Officer Delegated Decision Reports and appendices to those reports below:

Brixton business district improvements - Officer Delegated Decision Report

Belinda Road collision reduction proposals - Officer Delegated Decision Report

How to respond

This consultation ended on Friday 1 November 2019 and is now closed for responses.


Brixton business district decision report

Brixton business district consultation report

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