Tell us you're moving

Find out how to tell us that you’ve changed address and need to register for Council Tax, change your Council Tax account details, or that you’re moving out of Lambeth.

Tell us online

Use our online form to tell us you're moving:

  • into Lambeth from another area and need to register for Council Tax in Lambeth
  • to another address in Lambeth and need to change your address in your Council Tax account
  • out of Lambeth

You can only tell us if you're already at your new address, or you are moving less than 2 weeks from today.

On the first page of the form, select the option that best matches your situation.

Update your Council Tax address on mylambeth

Your details on the electoral register will not be automatically updated by filling in this form. You must re-register separately.

To register to vote at your new address, or to let us know that you're leaving Lambeth, please visit the council's apply to register to vote page

Information we need from you

Moving out of Lambeth

We need to know:

  • your moving date
  • your new address, so we can send your final bill
  • details of the new tenant, owner or landlord of your Lambeth address

Moving into Lambeth, or to another address in Lambeth

You'll need your:

  • bank details if you want to set up a Direct Debit
  • landlord or agent’s details if you're a tenant
  • joint tenant details if you’re a joint tenant
  • completion statement if you're the homeowner
  • joint owner’s details if you’re a joint homeowner

You'll also need to tell us:

  • your moving date
  • the full names of everyone aged 16 and over that lives with you

Problems with registering

If you're having problems with registering, contact the Council Tax team.