Pay Council Tax

There are several ways to pay Council Tax. Direct Debit is quickest and easiest. You can also pay online, by phone, or in person.

To pay Council Tax, you must be registered for a Council Tax account.

Once you've registered, we send you a Council Tax bill every year. This tells you who has to pay and how much. Find out more about your Council Tax bill.

You usually pay for Council Tax in 10 monthly instalments from 1 April to 1 January. But you can spread your payments over 12 months instead, or suggest a different payment plan. Find out how to change your payment plan.

Direct Debit

We can take your payments directly from your bank or building society account. Find out how to set up a Direct Debit for Council Tax.

Online by debit card

You need to give your Council Tax reference number. You can find it on your Council Tax bill. Make a Council Tax payment online.

By phone by debit card

This automated service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call 020 8290 2086.

In person

Our Civic Centre offices are closed for payments. Instead you can pay at any:

  • bank – they might charge you extra fees
  • post office – you have to pay their standard fees
  • PayPoint outlet – these only take cash payments, but there are no extra fees

You must bring your Council Tax bill with you.

Pay your Council Tax arrears

If you owe money for missed Council Tax payments, find out how to pay your Council Tax arrears.