We can arrange for you to see an adviser, who will talk to you about your housing needs in private. We can also give you help and advice on your housing issues over the telephone.

If you're homeless or at risk of homelessness, you can complete the online form to be given an appointment with a Housing Options Adviser.

Get advice to prevent homelessness

Alternatively, you can speak to an adviser:

Telephone: 020 7926 4200

In an emergency, always phone 999.

Agency workers

If you're an agency working with a vulnerable adult who is homeless or at risk of homelessness, follow these steps:

  1. Request a blank Universal Assessment and Referral Form (UARF) by emailing dutytorefer@lambeth.gov.uk
  2. Send the completed UARF to Lambeth’s Housing Options Team for assessment to dutytorefer@lambeth.gov.uk
  3. The Housing Options Team will ensure that the person being referred meets the eligibility criteria and is suitable to be referred for Pathway accommodation.