Council leaseholder's insurance

Use this guide to get information on council leaseholder’s insurance.

Making a building insurance claim

A leaseholder can make a claim against their leasehold building insurance policy by calling the insurers, NIG, directly on the claims helpline telephone number during office hours.

For emergencies outside normal office hours call 0800 051 0233.

Please provide your name, leasehold property address and policy number, which is 5884011.

All claims must be made within 90 days of the damage occurring. Failure to notify the insurers within 90 days from date of occurrence will invalidate your claim on the grounds of late notification.

You are not required to complete a claim form or provide estimates of damage. Once reported to the insurers, they will:

  • deal directly with the leaseholder regarding the claim
  • advise whether the damage is included under the policy cover and how to carry out repairs.

If you have any queries about your claim, you will need to contact NIG directly on the above number and quote your claim reference number, name, leasehold property address and policy number.