Citizens' Assembly Report

Lambeth's Citizens' Assembly on the Climate Crisis

In January 2019, Lambeth Council declared a climate emergency and committed to ensuring the Council’s operations were carbon neutral by 2030. As well as being responsible for reducing its own carbon emissions the Council recognised its role in bringing together residents, partners, businesses, voluntary, community and faith groups to agree on how to reduce carbon emissions across the borough. In February 2020, Lambeth Council appointed Traverse to design and run Lambeth’s Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate Crisis.

The aim of the Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate Crisis was to develop a set of recommendations for the borough to reduce carbon emissions to net zero.

Between May and July 2021, 47 Lambeth residents engaged in the Assembly through online workshops and activities.

Assembly members developed a set of recommendations in response to the question:

We are facing a climate crisis: How can we work together in Lambeth to address climate change and its causes fairly, effectively and quickly?

The report produced by Traverse outlines the Assembly process, the recommendations developed by the Assembly, key principles which should be considered when implementing solutions to the climate crisis, Assembly members' reflections and next steps. The quotes throughout demonstrate the importance Assembly members placed on climate justice and equity - an approach clearly underpinning the recommendations. 

Read the Citizens' Assembly Report

A fully accessible version of this report will be available soon.