Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) dispensation

If you are a Blue Badge holder, you can apply for a dispensation to access a traffic filter location within a given Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN).

Lower Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTN) are designed to make residential streets safer, encourage people to walk and cycle more and reduce air pollution.

As part of our ongoing monitoring strategy, we have learned that Blue Badge holders may be disproportionately impacted by LTN schemes, as they often have reduced mobility, which can make walking and cycling much more difficult.

As a response to this, Lambeth Council have introduced an LTN dispensation for Blue Badge holders.

Who can use this service

Blue Badge holders can apply for an LTN dispensation to access one traffic filter location within a given LTN during its hours of operation.

The dispensation is for a Blue Badge holder, or a badge holders appointed driver. This can be a family member or a friend.

Blue Badge holders can register a maximum of two vehicles for the LTN dispensation.

Read our LTN dispensation frequently asked questions.

How to apply

Apply for an LTN dispensation

Your application will be assessed and approved by a member of the parking and licensing team. Once approved, we will contact you to confirm your LTN dispensation details.

Please note: Blue Badge holders who drive through their LTN traffic filter without confirmation that their application is successful may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

To prevent any delays with your application, please ensure all the correct evidence is provided with the application.

Evidence required

If you are the Blue Badge holder you will need to provide:

  • Blue Badge - copy of both sides of the badge
  • 2x proof of address
  • 1x proof of vehicle registration/ownership

If you are the applicant applying on behalf of the Blue Badge holder as a nominated driver you will need to provide:

  • Signed declaration by the Blue Badge holder (giving permission for the appointed driver to apply)
  • 2x proof of address for the Blue Badge holder
  • 1x proof of vehicle registration/ ownership

Read the LTN dispensation permit terms and conditions.

Change the details on your existing dispensation

You can apply to change the vehicle or the traffic filter on your LTN dispensation.

Apply to change details on your LTN dispensation

Change of vehicle

  • When you change your vehicle, you should immediately update the vehicle associated with your dispensation via your online account.
  • You can change the vehicle on the dispensation a maximum of three times in a 12-month period from the date of your first application.
  • You will need to provide proof of vehicle registration when changing your vehicle.

Change of traffic filter

  • If you need to change the traffic filter registered on the dispensation you should let us know via your online account.
  • You will need to provide proof of address when changing your traffic filter.

For further information regarding your application, please contact the parking and licensing team.