Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) dispensation frequently asked questions

Guidance on LTN dispensations for Blue Badge holders.

What is an LTN?

A Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) is a traffic management approach that removes through traffic in residential areas while maintaining access by motor vehicle. LTNs are made up of a number of traffic filters through which cars and vans are not allowed to pass while other vehicles, for example cycles and buses are able to do so.

In recognition that any change of route or journey time can be detrimental for certain user groups, the council has agreed a policy to allow specific dispensation and exemptions for LTNs in Lambeth.

What is an LTN dispensation?

An LTN dispensation allows the exempt person to pass through a specified traffic filter within a given LTN in the borough without receiving a penalty.

This dispensation is for Blue Badge holders, a Blue Badge holder’s appointed driver, or nominated visitor. This could be a family member, friend or carer for example.

Who can apply for an LTN dispensation?

LTN dispensation are only available to resident Blue Badge who require access to a traffic filter during its hours of operation.

Individual Blue Badge holders, as well as organisations who qualify for a Blue Badge, such as SEN transport providers, can apply for the dispensation.

All applicants who are 18 years or over are eligible to apply for the dispensation. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a Blue Badge holder under the age of 18, you can apply for a permit on the badge holder’s behalf.

What LTNs am I permitted to drive through?

The LTN dispensation allows individual Blue Badge holders, resident in Lambeth, to pass through a single nominated traffic filter within a single LTN. You are only permitted to pass through the traffic filter registered to the permit. You may receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) if your vehicle is seen passing through a traffic filter other than the one registered on your dispensation.

Organisations that hold a Blue Badge can apply for a dispensation that allows them to pass through any traffic filter within a Lambeth LTN.

Please note: a Blue Badge does not in itself exempt the holder from enforcement. The dispensation only applies when the holder receives confirmation that their application for a dispensation is successful.

How long does my LTN dispensation last?

The LTN dispensation lasts for 12 months and you will need to reapply each year before the expiry date.

How many vehicles can apply to be on my LTN dispensation?

Blue Badge holders will be able to register up to two vehicles, whether their own, or the vehicle of someone who visits them on a regular basis, such as a carer.

Who can also drive through the filters?

The following can automatically drive through traffic filters without incurring a penalty:

  • Emergency services
  • Buses and pedal cycles
  • Rapid response healthcare providers
  • Category 1 responders under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004
  • Refuse collection vehicles

How much is the cost for the LTN dispensation?

There is no cost for this dispensation.

Will I need to display anything in my car?

No, the LTN dispensation is virtual.

Will my dispensation allow me to park in the LTN?

No, this is a dispensation to drive into the LTN only and not a parking permit.

How long will my dispensation take to get approved?

Reviewing your application or any uploaded evidence can take up to 10 working days, so please make sure you apply in advance.

If I apply for an LTN dispensation, can I drive my car on the same day I apply?

No, you must wait to receive email confirmation that your application has been approved before you drive through an LTN traffic filter, otherwise you will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice. 

Can I change the vehicle on my dispensation?

You can change the vehicle on your dispensation a maximum of three times in a 12-month period. You will be required to provide supporting evidence. You can do this by completing the change of details for the LTN dispensation permit form

How do I change the traffic filter on my dispensation?

You can change the traffic filter on your dispensation a maximum of three times in a 12-month period. You will be required to provide supporting evidence. You can do this by completing the change of details for the LTN dispensation permit form