Community Parklet Scheme

Lambeth’s Community Parklet Scheme, supported by the Big Shift Community Fund, will fund 25 parklets (one in each borough ward) created and maintained by residents and community groups in partnership with the council. 

Application criteria

Your chosen location should:  

  • be in a well-lit area 
  • be located on the highway (road)  
  • have low demand for parking spaces 
  • be unlikely to receive strong opposition 
  • be on a kerb at least 70mm high

It should not:  

  • block service areas such as manholes 
  • be on red lines or double and single yellow lines 
  • be located on or opposite a junction  
  • be located on a footway
  • have safety concerns or known anti-social behaviour issues 
  • be used for items such as electric vehicle charging or cycle parking

Some roads may not be suitable. For example, not on all private estates, Lambeth housing estates, private roads and TfL red routes side roads (e.g. Brixton and Streatham High Road.) 

When reviewing locations, we will consider whether there are any future plans for added infrastructure such as cycle parking or dockless bays. 

We may need to remove a parking space to put the parklet in. Have a think about the location you are suggesting. Does it have a lot of free spaces or is there competition for space? 

We will prioritise:  

  • areas that lack access to local, small and pocket parks 
  • initial proposals over those who have submitted multiple proposals 
  • areas subject to flooding 

Those who are successful will become a parklet keeper.  


Here are some useful websites that may provide inspiration and further understanding of parklets: