Lambeth Bee Roads

Lambeth Bee Roads is a scheme to enhance green spaces along roadsides for wildlife and people.

At a time when many insect populations are in steep decline, the way we manage our urban green space can make a real difference.

Wilder verges and lawns, along with wildlife-friendly parks, private gardens and balconies, all offer important resources to invertebrates and other animals. Streetside land can play a vital role in connecting this mosaic of green space.

Lambeth Council has been awarded £440k from the Mayor of London’s office for a series of rewilding projects across the borough. The scheme will trial different approaches to enhancing roadside land for biodiversity, working in partnership with community groups and volunteers.

The results of these trials will be carefully monitored to see what works best, and how this could be extended to other locations. Evaluation will capture the ecological effect of different approaches and we will gather feedback from community groups, volunteers and residents.

To learn more about Lambeth’s work to boost biodiversity across the borough, read the Lambeth Pollinator Action Plan 2021–2025 (PDF, 1.8MB).