Park bench donation scheme

You can buy memorial benches, with or without plaques and inscriptions, to be installed in our parks, commons and other public open spaces. Metal plaques, with inscriptions, must be requested and ordered at the same time you order a new bench.

The styles of benches on offer in each park or open space are compatible with the other benches already found on that site and are designed so they will remain in good condition and are safe to use.

We'll try to accommodate your requirements on preferred locations, on certain sites where space for additional benches is limited, but new benches will be used to replace missing or damaged ones.

If the park or open space where you wish to have a bench is not listed below, please contact us at for more advice and information.

Anybody can purchase a new bench or commemorative plaque; you don’t have to live in Lambeth to use the service.

Available bench styles and locations

Below are descriptions of some of the styles you can buy, and the location where each can be installed. Each bench includes a side, or side and central arms, depending on location.

photo of a black KC style memorial bench

KC style 

Locations: Archbishop’s Park, Brockwell Park, Kennington Park, Rush Common, Ruskin Park, Vauxhall Park, Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens (benches come with middle arms at some locations)

photo of an Ashbourne style memorial bench with pine slats and black arms


Locations: Streatham Common

photo of an S8 victorian style memorial bench with brick red slats and black arms

SB8 Victorian classic 

Locations: Clapham Common, Old Paradise Gardens

photo of a willenhall style memorial bench with pine slats and steel arms


Locations: Slade Gardens

Memorial Plaque

Commemorative plaques

Normally made from brass or steel

photo of a commemorative all black KC style memorial bench

Commemorative Plaques

Plaques are normally made from brass or steel (depending on bench type or location) and measure 6” x 3”.

Your inscription will be engraved in black and should be no more than 72 characters (including spacing).

Please make sure you note any particular layout requirements in the additional comments box on the application form, or upload an image showing us how you want the inscription to look, including any pictures, graphics or logos.

Costs for this service

Benches costs between £1,000 and £2,500 depending on the type of bench you choose. Plaques - which are ordered at the same time as the bench - cost between £80 and £280 depending on the bench type and location.

You will need contact us, via the application form below for current prices for both benches and plaques. We can only accept card payments and bank transfers.

Memorial bench or plaque application form

What you need to know

Installation and lead times

New benches are securely fixed to the ground on bases; we will choose which type of base is most appropriate for the site where the bench is located, and this is included in the total bench cost. Plaques on both new and existing benches will be attached centrally into the top slat of a bench, and with secure locking screws so they cannot be removed.

It can take up to 12 weeks to install a new bench, with timing dependent on the style of bench, and the availability of materials from our suppliers. We will keep you updated as to timescales for installation of your bench after we receive your payment.


All benches are guaranteed against manufacturer's defects for three years from the installation date. However, because they are installed in a public open space, whilst we will remove any graffiti, we cannot be held liable for any future damage or vandalism.

Please do not attach any adornments such as bunting, vases or any other ornaments, which can stop the public from using the bench or prevent us from properly maintaining it. We reserve the right to remove any obstructing items without prior notice.

Further Information

If you need any further information, including on benches for sites that are not listed above, please email us at