Identifying mice

A mouse


  • are up to 10cm long
  • have brown-grey fur on their back and lighter grey fur underneath
  • have large ears
  • have thin tails as long as their heads and bodies
  • are smaller than rats
  • are usually found inside
  • have droppings the size of a grain of rice

Book pest control

Home treatments for mice

An adult must be present throughout each visit. Treatments in your home typically involve:

  • up to 3 visits, 7 to 14 days apart
  • placing bait in marked boxes in the kitchen, under stairs and other affected areas
  • an advice sheet with information about the bait used, where it was placed and any special precautions
  • measures to protect children and pets

Preventing mice infestation

Prepare your home against mice by:

  • closing any holes in your property
  • removing external sources of food such as fallen apples, pears, bird food, water
  • clearing shelter or nesting material such as old furnishings, wood, and overgrowth
  • putting all refuse in your wheelie bin - always close the lid

Dead mice can be put in a plastic bag and then in the bin.