Supplementary Planning Documents and other policy guidance

Use this guide to find Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) and other guidance that explains our policies in more detail.

Planning policy guidance notes

The following documents set out specific planning policy guidance.

  1. Lambeth Advertising & Signage Guidance (PDF 8.1MB)
  2. Lambeth Planning Guidance Note: Marketing of Employment Premises and Sites - August 2023(PDF 279.19KB)
  3. Lambeth Parking Survey Guidance Notes (PDF 260KB)
  4. Lambeth Refuse & Recycling Storage Design Guide (PDF 1,450KB)
  5. Lambeth Waste and Recycling Storage and Collection Requirements - Technical Specification for Architects and Developers
  6. Wildlife Assessment Check - this is a free online tool for householders and small to medium-scale developers who want to undertake a development project to check whether they will need expert ecological advice before submitting a planning application. Local planning authorities have a statutory duty, according to UK and EU legislation and policy, to consider the potential impacts of a development on protected and priority species, habitats and statutory designated sites, such as Sites of Special Scientific Importance (SSSIs), that are protected by law. The Wildlife Assessment Check considers whether there are any protected and priority wildlife species and statutory designated sites that may be impacted by a development project. It enables users to undertake a simple check at the pre-planning application stage, before a planning application is submitted. This will help clarify for applicants and planners whether a proposed site needs professional ecological advice and further assessment. For further advice and guidance, please contact Lambeth Parks at