Trees on private property

Guide for managing trees on private property.

Complain about a high hedge

Before making a formal high hedge complaint you should take all reasonable steps to settle the dispute.

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To make a complaint you will need to pay the required fee of £600.

Complete our high hedges complaint form

What happens next

Once we have received your form and fee we will determine whether it is a valid complaint.

If we decide it is not a valid complaint then we will write to you explaining why and return your fee.

If we decide that you have a valid complaint we will proceed with an assessment. This will include a site inspection. The fee is non-refundable at that point.

Reaching a decision

We will aim to reach a decision within 12 weeks of receiving a valid complaint.

If we find that the complaint is reasonable, we will send the hedge owner a notice specifying how high the hedge can be and by when the work needs to be done.

Either party can appeal if they do not agree with this decision.

When works are not carried out

If the person responsible for managing the hedge does not follow out the instructions in the notice, they could be prosecuted in the magistrates court.

If found guilty, they could be fined.

The court may give another deadline by which to meet the requirements of the notice. If the person responsible for managing the hedge does not carry out the instructions after the deadline, that person could be fined on a daily basis.

Use of default powers

In certain circumstances the Local Planning Authority may enter the hedge owner's land and carry out the work detailed in the notice.

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