Rubbish collections

We collect your rubbish every week. Check what you can put in your bin or sack and how we collect it.

Flats above shops

If you have a wheelie bin

If you have a wheelie bin, follow our collection rules to make sure your rubbish is collected:

  • your rubbish must be in bags inside your bin
  • the lid must be closed
  • we will not collect bags or other rubbish left on top of, or next to, your bin
  • your bin should not contain things that should not be in the rubbish bin

If you do not have a wheelie bin

If you do not have a wheelie bin for your rubbish, you can use bags. Make sure you:

  • use a strong bin bag, with no holes or tears
  • tie the bag securely so rubbish will not spill out
  • do not use carrier bags
  • leave your rubbish out before 6am on your collection day, but not before 8pm the day before your collection
  • leave your bin bag next to street furniture, for example a litter bin or lamp post
  • do not leave your rubbish somewhere that blocks the pavement

Timed collections

If you live in a timed collection area, our collection rules are different.