Rubbish collections

We collect your rubbish every week. Check what you can put in your bin or sack and how we collect it.

What we collect as rubbish

We can collect:

  • waste that cannot be recycled
  • food-soiled cardboard
  • plastic bags and film
  • polystyrene
  • disposable nappies
  • aerosols
  • cold ash from fires, bagged

What we do not collect

Do not put any of these items in your rubbish bin:

  • food waste  if this service is available at your address
  • waste that should go in your recycling bins or sacks
  • electrical waste - if you have a wheelie bin, we can collect small items separately as part of the small electrical recycling service
  • garden waste - we can collect this separately if you pay for our garden waste service
  • DIY waste
  • building materials
  • large items over 25kg
  • clinical waste - we can collect this separately if you apply for our clinical waste service
  • hot ashes
  • liquids of any sort, including paint, garden chemicals, cleaning products and oil
  • asbestos, including bonded concrete asbestos
  • waste arising from any type of commercial activity
  • vehicle batteries, engine blocks, oil filters and any other vehicle parts
  • explosive, corrosive or flammable liquids or solids
  • tyres
  • televisions and computer monitors
  • any other item likely to damage the bin or collection vehicle
  • energy efficient light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • gas cylinders
  • textiles 
  • batteries
  • hazardous waste
  • commercial waste

See our A-Z of what to do with your waste.

What to do with items we do not collect

Check if you can use a different service: