Garden waste

Garden waste is only collected if you subscribe to our garden waste collection service.

About this service

Garden waste cannot be put in your rubbish or recycling bin and we will not empty these if we see garden waste inside. 

We offer an all-year round weekly garden waste collection service. It lasts for a year, after which you can renew it.

We'll collect 2 garden waste bags per week. You can pay for additional bags to be collected.

You must use a Lambeth-issued reusable or compostable sacks. These must be paid for in addition to the collection service. You can order more bags if you need them.

This service is only available to properties that have food waste collections.

What happens to garden waste we collect

Your garden waste is collected with food waste and is composted. We use an enclosed, intensive method of composting, with accurate temperature control and monitoring. This makes sure the waste is fully sanitised before it's matured and screened for use.

After three months it will have been transformed into nutrient-rich compost, which is used in parks, gardens and agriculture, helping to grow more food.