Garden waste

Garden waste is only collected if you subscribe to our garden waste collection service.

What it costs

Weekly collection service

Our service is for the collection of 2 reusable garden waste bags a week.

It costs £80.90 for 12 months.

Reusable bags are not included as part of this.

Reusable bags

If you do not already have reusable bags, you must buy them separately.

It costs £8.20 for each reusable garden waste bag.

Additional bag collection

If you want more than 2 reusable bags to be collected, you need to pay for each extra bag that needs to be collected.

It costs £22.20 a year for each extra bag.

Compostable bags

If you've paid for weekly collections, you can buy a roll of 10 compostable bags if you need occasional larger collections. 

It costs £25.10 for 10 compostable garden waste bags.

There is no extra cost for the collection of these bags.

Paying by cheque

If you pay by cheque, there is a £6.00 administration cost.