Recycling collections

We collect your recycling every week. Check what you can recycle and how we collect it.

What we recycle

Paper and card:

  • newspapers and magazines
  • card and cardboard
  • toilet and kitchen roll tubes
  • egg boxes
  • junk mail
  • catalogues

Plastic, glass, cans and cartons. Please rinse all food and drink packaging:

  • plastic bottles - leave the lids on
  • plastic packaging - such as tubs and food trays (but not plastic film)
  • glass jars and bottles - put metal lids in separately 
  • cans and tins
  • liquid food and drink cartons

What we do not recycle

These should not be put in your recycling:

  • black bin bags
  • aerosol spray cans
  • broken glass
  • pyrex
  • window glass
  • light bulbs
  • polystyrene
  • plastic film
  • textiles
  • food
  • food-soiled boxes
  • nappies
  • metal foil
  • foil or paper yoghurt pot lids
  • shredded paper
  • electrical items
  • batteries
  • chemical containers
  • DIY and building waste
  • hazardous waste
  • garden waste

See our A-Z of what to do with your waste.

What to do with items we do not collect

Check if you can use a different service: