Food waste

Check which properties can have food waste collected, when it’s collected, and what goes in your food waste bin.

How to line your bin

You do not have to line your food waste bin, but lining it will help keep it clean and odour free. You must use a compostable material to line it. Do not use plastic bags as they do not break down during composting.

You can buy liners for your food waste bin from many local supermarkets, or online from various suppliers, such as They must be 100% compostable liners, usually made out of corn starch, potato starch or paper, certified as BS EN 13432:2000.

Some plastic bags are sold as biodegradable, but this does not mean they will break down quickly enough during the recycling process and will contaminate the food waste. Only use bags that have the compostable logo and EN 13432.

Newspaper is compostable, so you can use it to line your caddy instead of buying liners. The newspaper can be collected with your food waste.