Proof of address and date of birth documents for school admission applications

Use this guide to help you submit proof of address and date of birth documents, to assist with your application.

When you apply for a school place, you must have parental responsibility for the child and submit evidence to show that you and your child live at the address you've stated on your application, even if you have been placed in temporary accommodation. You also have to provide evidence showing your child's date of birth.

If you can't, or don't, provide the documents, this may result in the application and any offers that have been made being withdrawn.

There are three ways you can send the documents to us:

  1. through the eAdmissions website if you are applying for a reception, junior, secondary or 14-19 application for the next academic year, or online through the Lambeth Parent Portal (for in-year applications for the current academic year).
  2. By post.
  3. By email (encrypted).

Online applications

If you have applied online for a school place, you can upload your evidence to your application on the eAdmissions website, or Parent Portal. If you use the Parent Portal, these must be attached before the form is submitted. These documents can be as scanned PDFs or clear photos of the required items.

If you're unable to upload the documents, you can send us the documents using one of the other options below.

By post

If you choose to send your evidence by post, make sure you use the correct postage and preferably choose signed for or recorded delivery.

They should be sent to:

Lambeth School Admissions Team
London Borough of Lambeth
PO Box 80771


You can email these to on the understanding that the security of any unsecured/unencrypted sensitive information which is emailed to us is the responsibility of the sender.

By emailing us such documents unencrypted, or are intending to, you are accepting full responsibility for its security. If possible, we would recommend that items are sent securely via an email encryption package (we use egress switch which is free).

If you're applying using a paper form, you must include the required documents to the form when you submit it by post or via email.