Business Parklet Scheme

Create an outdoor space for your customers with the Business Parklet Scheme.

A parklet is a former parking space transformed into something for people to enjoy. They are three-sided structures, with a raised deck, which protects users from vehicles but opens up a world of possibilities.

Parklets come in varying forms and materials, and last for 5-10 years on average.

Blue wooden framed parklet with people dining outdoors

Following a pilot, businesses have reported various benefits of having a parklet:

  • Provides more space for the business or organisation
  • More room for outdoor seating and tables
  • Creation of a community hub
  • Provides visibility for your business or organisation
  • Invigorates the local area and can be a benefit for other local businesses
  • Makes the area more attractive, enhancing the whole street
  • Creates a greener, calmer environment for everyone
  • Improves employment
  • Provides cycle parking for staff and customers.

Who can apply?

Businesses, private organisations, charities, schools and third sector can apply for a parklet and to become a Parklet Owner. 

Individual businesses can group together with other businesses to apply.

Parklets can used for:

  • Outdoor seating for trading
  • Additional outdoor space
  • Greening and much more.