Low traffic neighbourhoods dispensations

If you’re a Blue Badge holder find out more about registering for an LTN dispensation to be exempt from one specific traffic filter.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) aim to reduce traffic across local areas, creating safe, attractive streets and spaces that encourage more people to get around without a car. This is achieved by restricting traffic on certain routes that may otherwise be used to cut through the area. All properties remain accessible by motor vehicle, but access routes may change in some cases. LTNs are part of a wider strategy to reduce traffic across the borough.

While LTNs are intended to support a shift away from car use, we recognise that for some people having access to a car to get around is essential to their health and wellbeing and that alternative travel choices may not be available. Based on engagement with disabled people and representative groups, we have agreed on a process for individuals with a ‘Blue Badge’ to allow them to gain easier access to LTN areas. This can benefit individuals who drive themselves or people who are assisted by others who visit them on a regular basis, such as carers.

To support disabled people who rely on cars, individuals with a Blue Badge who register for a dispensation will be allowed to pass through one of the ‘traffic filters’ in Lambeth without being issued a Penalty Charge Notice (traffic fine). We need people to register because we can’t identify them without their vehicle registration number and we need to know which location they want to register for. As well as individuals, organisations that hold a Blue Badge, such as SEND transport providers, can also register for a dispensation.

Registering for a dispensation:

Registering for a dispensation:

PLEASE NOTE: All vehicles must abide by current signage until receiving official notification from the Council, confirming the vehicle has been registered for a dispensation.