Streatham Wells Low Traffic Neighbourhood

In response to Lambeth’s Climate Action Plan (2022) and Transport Strategy (2019), a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) was introduced in the Streatham Wells area (Valley Road North and South, Leigham Avenue, Gleneldon Road, Culverhurst Gardens) on a trial basis on 23 October 2023

On 7 March the scheme was suspended as a result of concerns about public transport delays and the anticipated impact on the A23 due to construction work. Plans for the future of the LTN will be shared in due course.

Background information

In 2020 we introduced a series of LTNs in response to the impact of Covid-19 on travel in the borough. However, LTNs were something we had been considering before the pandemic as part of our long-term transport strategy, which launched in 2019.  

With the second round of LTNs, including Streatham Wells, we engaged more with local people to develop a trial proposal. We also broadened the works to go beyond traffic filters. We know that as we move into the future, the risks associated with our changing climate, such as flooding or extreme heat events, will increase. 

About Lambeth’s Policy on LTNs 

Motor traffic is one of the most significant sources of urban pollution. Interventions that enable people to travel in less polluting ways are crucial to improving our air quality. Implementing measures such as Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) can significantly reduce harmful pollutants, which is an imperative not only for environmental health but also for the well-being of residents. 

We want Lambeth to be a clean, vibrant and climate resilient borough. Lambeth’s Transport Strategy - sets out how we will transform our streets to be safe for walking and cycling. Lambeth’s Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) deliver on the strategy’s core goals. 

See Appendix B of the Transport Strategy Implementation Plan. This plan assesses neighbourhoods by a variety of factors including high volume of through traffic and a high collision rate.

What is an LTN? 

Low traffic neighbourhoods make it safer and easier to walk, wheel, scoot and cycle by stopping cars, vans and other vehicles from using quiet streets as shortcuts. Over time, LTNs can encourage people to switch from driving to more sustainable ways of travelling, like walking, public transport and cycling. This is one of the ways we can tackle the climate emergency in Lambeth. 

Low traffic neighbourhood planters


Streatham Wells LTN Trial Suspension

The Streatham Wells LTN was suspended on Thursday 7 March at 1pm. The suspension was announced as a result of concerns about public transport delays and the anticipated impact on the A23 due to construction work. 

Transport for London (TfL) will begin a £9 million project on the A23 to substantially upgrade the experience for walking and cycling, starting at the end of spring and continuing into 2025. These improvement works will necessarily require some reduced road capacity while this major investment takes place. Alongside this investment, we are working with TfL to implement a comprehensive package of bus priority measures along the length of the A23 to separate buses from general traffic and help prevent bus delays in future. 

Visit TfL's website to find out more.

Plans for the future of the LTN will be shared in due course.

Next Steps 

To ensure road safety for all users, certain features introduced during the LTN trial will be retained, while others will be reinstated, and some will be removed. We will be monitoring the area when traffic flows return to ensure road safety for all users. 

Features introduced during the LTN trial that will remain: 

  • Planters in quieter roads will remain as traffic calming measures 
  • Planters on busier roads will be relocated where required 
  • Parklets 
  • The one-way introduced in Conifer Gardens 

Features introduced during the LTN trial that have been removed or covered: 

  • Low Traffic Neighbourhood traffic signs 
  • Posts 

Features removed during the LTN trial and have been reinstated: 

  • The roundabout and road markings at the Valley Road and Gleneldon Road junction 
  • The pedestrian island on Gleneldon Road will be reinstated in due course

PCN (Penalty Charge Notices)

As a result of the suspension of the Streatham Wells Low Traffic Neighbourhood, no PCNs are issued after 1pm on Thursday 7 March 2024. PCNs issued before that date will have to be paid. 

While the Council will not be issuing penalty charge notices, until such time as traffic filter infrastructure, including signage, is removed it remains an enforceable offence for unauthorised motor vehicles to pass through.

Stage 1 Monitoring Data

The Stage 1 Monitoring Report shows that across the LTN and boundary roads there has been a 2% net reduction in traffic and the number of vehicles breaking the speed limit has fallen by 68% compared to pre-LTN levels. 

During the trial, the LTN met the strategic objectives of the Climate Action Plan, and Transport Strategy and is in line with the Lambeth 2030 Borough Plan. However, traffic on boundary roads was compounded by significant levels of roadworks by utilities and has had significant impacts on bus services in Streatham.

Stage one - monitoring report

Stage one – EqIA report

Projects to improve streets in the Streatham area

Planned improvements include:

  • A new Streatham to Peckham Health Route through Herne Hill that will mean safe cycling for everyone.
  • Significant investment in the public realm around Streatham Green and Amesbury Avenue shopping parade.
  • Additional street and graffiti cleaning campaigns in the area to encourage local shopping.
  • New murals and investments in the pedestrian experience on Leithcote path and Russell’s footpath.
  • More continuous bus lanes along the a23 and enhanced enforcement measures to stop vehicles blocking the lanes.
  • There have been 73 emergencies on Leigham Court Road, Valley Road and Leigham Vale since late 2020, with 34 of these requiring traffic management. The Council is working with Thames Water to review the frequency of their works on Leigham Court Road.

The Council will also enhance pavements and crossings along Leigham Court Road for those walking and wheeling in the area, as well as introduce road danger reduction measures to cut vehicle speeds.

There will be 50 new electric vehicle chargepoints so that those who need to drive can do so more cleanly. The council will consult on parking controls in the Streatham Wells area this year to tackle parking stress.

Lambeth Council is also raising with Network Rail the urgent need to restore step-free access to Streatham Station in light of concerns by passengers with mobility issues.

Already this Spring, the rail operators are trialling off-peak fares all day on Fridays, which will reduce the cost of travelling by train from Streatham.

The council is delivering a £125,000 Sustainable urban Drainage System to Sunnyhill Primary School in light of concerns about flood risk. A new school street will also be established in St Andrew’s Catholic School that will restrict motor vehicle traffic at peak drop-off and pick-up times.

Streatham is benefiting from 137 new trees planted this winter while there will be a further 18 cycle hangars installed by March next year.

Keep an eye on this page and Streatham Wells Commonplace for updates on events.