Transport Strategy


Transport is fundamental to the life of a Londoner and impacts all aspects of our lives from where we choose to live, work and study to our health and the air we breathe. In Lambeth we face significant challenges and opportunities to make sure that the transport network works for all of us.

About transport in Lambeth

More information about transport in Lambeth, from how we use it today through to the long term future of transport as our population grows and new technologies and improvements to our transport network change how we get around.

How we developed the transport strategy

Information about how we developed the strategy based on your feedback, local, London and national policies and what the evidence tells us.

Our strategy

Drawing together the transport and policy context, our evidence base and what you have told us about your priorities for transport in Lambeth, we have developed a range of responses which will shape the future of mobility, accessibility, public health and the environment in Lambeth and beyond over the next 20 years.

Project map

You can view the key characteristics of the transport network in Lambeth and some of the key projects and initiatives identified by this strategy 

Healthy routes plan

We already have significant levels of walking and cycling in Lambeth but we know we need to keep making improvements to make our streets safer and more accessible and attractive for trips on foot and deliver significant improvements to make cycling a real option for more people.

Road danger reduction

Delivering our Healthy Route Network will address many locations where road casualties are happening, but we will also need to invest at other locations across the borough in order to make our roads safe for everyone.

Delivering the Transport Strategy

How we will deliver on this strategy, including information about the Transport Strategy Implementation Plan (TSIP) prepared alongside this Strategy sets out how we will implement the key objectives and initiatives it contains.