Street trading

You need a valid street trading licence from the council if you’re selling, offering to sell, or displaying for sale anything in a street or any other public area, or within 7 metres of the public highway.

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It is illegal to trade anywhere on the roads or pavements in the borough without a valid street trading licence of prior written consent from us.

This includes:

  • Trading from parking spaces
  • Individuals/groups selling vehicles from the public highway (eg advertisements on a vehicle window)
  • 'Non-itinerant' ice cream selling (eg an ice cream van that remains in the same location for a considerable period of time or trades from prohibited streets
  • 'Pitching up' of a stall on a public highway without a street trading licence

Illegal street trading may result in a fine, prosecution, or the seizing of goods and equipment.

The council has powers to enforce against illegal street trading across the borough and has the authority to refuse or revoke licenses under the London Local Authorities Act 1990 (as amended).

If you suspect a trader is illegally trading or causing a highway obstruction, please report this to us. We can investigate the matter and take enforcement action if there is evidence to support this.

By reporting unlicensed trading, you help the council take effective action to stop this kind of activity.

Report illegal street trading using our online form. In your report, please include:

  • the exact location of the street trading
  • what's being traded
  • a name and/or description of the trader.

Report Unlicensed Street Trading

Become a trader

We currently have a small number of pitches available at Brixton market, on Electric Avenue, Pope’s Road and Brixton Station Road. Vacancies are only occasionally available for street trading pitches that are currently occupied.

We accept applications for pitches that are already designated. To apply, complete the application form and refer to the guidance notes.

All completed applications that are submitted with the correct documentation will be considered, with reference to the Commodities Rules. Please read these before you submit your application.

Guidance and rules

Read the commodities rules

Read the application guidance notes


Download the market trader application form – PDF

Download the market trader application form – Microsoft Word

Street trading licences are granted on the condition that licence conditions are met. This includes paying fees and charges on time.

Designate a new street trading pitch

There is a non-refundable fee of £1850 to apply for the designation of any new street trading pitch. You must pay this in full when you apply. This is to cover officer time and other costs, like newspaper public notices.

Applications are subject to consultation and may be refused, however, the fee will still apply.

If a new pitch is designated, the allocation of a new street trading licence will be subject to open competition.

For more information, email

Trading at events

You need advice from our events team if:

  • you want to organise or participate in an event where any element of street trading is involved
  • you want to organise or participate in an event where goods or services are offered from a stall
  • you want to apply to trade at an established event managed by us

Fees and charges will apply if your request is agreed.

For more information, visit the Event Lambeth website.

To trade at the annual Lambeth Country Show, visit the Lambeth Country Show website.

Trading in parks and open spaces

For questions about trading in Lambeth's parks, email the parks team at

For questions about trading in Emma Cons Gardens or Windrush Square, email the events team at

More markets in Lambeth

Herne Hill Market

This award-winning weekly market, run by CCFM, operates on Sundays and offers a variety of locally-sourced fresh and cooked food, jewellery, and arts and crafts.

Lower Marsh Market

Lower Marsh Market is a thriving market, run by We Are Waterloo. It operates from Mondays to Saturdays.

Venn Street Market

Venn street market is a busy food market in the heart of Clapham that operates on Saturdays and is run by Leaf House.

Brixton Station Road Market

Brixton Station Road Market is run by Brixton Market Traders Federation and operates 7 days a week. There are street food stalls and a general market on weekdays, a variety of stalls on Saturdays, and the Brixton Farmers Market every Sunday, selling organic and free range produce.


See our street trading fees and charges.

We set and review street trading licence fees from time to time. Any changes to those fees will be advertised in accordance with the provisions of the London Local Authorities Act 1990 (as amended).

The market fees and charges quoted only apply to pitches we manage directly. Market operators have their own list of fees and charges. You'll need to contact them directly for more information.

Selling food

To sell food at any location in the borough you must comply with the relevant food safety legislation. Information about this is in our food market traders guide.

The food team do not grant licences or allocate pitches.



Please try to resolve your complaint with the relevant trader. If you're not satisfied, please email

Traders directly licensed by the council

If your issue relates to another trader, please email or, speak to one of the market officers as soon as possible,

Tell us the issues in a clear and concise way with as many factual details as possible.

Traders engaged via one of the market operators

Please try to resolve the issue with the market operator direct, with reference to your terms and conditions.

Other complaints

For all other complaints about markets in Lambeth, please email our markets team at

Read our complaints procedure.