Getting involved in decision-making

You can raise issues and get involved in local decision-making in a variety of ways, not just by voting in elections.

Ask a public question (Public Notice Questions)

Any resident, Councillor, business rate payer or local government elector of Lambeth Council can ask a 'public question' (also known as a Public Notice Question or PNQ) to make an enquiry or raise an issue.

These questions can be about any Council service. If there is an issue you think is important or something you think the Council is doing wrong, you may want to bring it to the attention of the Council through a public question.

Public questions will generally be considered by an officer or a Council Committee.

The process for submitting questions is the same in all cases.

If your public notice question is accepted you will receive a written answer to your question. You can then attend the committee meeting to speak to the Councillors directly about it.

Your question may lead to an investigation or review of the issue you raise, and could be very important for other residents affected by the same issue.

You can ask a public question using a method that suits you:

  • dictate your question to our Democratic Services team by calling: 020 7926 2170; or,
  • email your question to:

Questioners are welcome to attend the meeting at which their question is considered.

For full guidance on asking a public question, please download the public question guidance