Getting involved in decision-making

You can raise issues and get involved in local decision-making in a variety of ways, not just by voting in elections.

Attend a meeting held in public

Check our online calendar of meetings to find out when meetings are. You can attend any of the council's public meetings, including Overview and Scrutiny committee meetings.

For further information call Democratic Services on 020 7926 2170 or email

To ensure that our meetings remain a safe and accessible place for those in attendance, there are a number of measure that are in place. Please take note of them before and during your attendance at one of our meetings that are held in public:

  • Visitors are admitted on condition that they will allow themselves and their belongings to be searched. You will be asked to sign in and also may be asked to show proof of identity; and,
  • Personal defence equipment is not permitted and UK law prohibits the carrying of certain self-defence items which are lawful in other countries. Any visitor found in possession of such items – e.g. flick knives, butterfly knives and personal defence sprays – is liable to be arrested.

In addition, the following items are not permitted at any of our meetings which are held in public:

  • Sharp items e.g. knives (including Swiss army knives) scissors, cutlery and screwdrivers;
  • Paint spray or similar items;
  • Padlocks, chains and climbing gear;
  • Items that make a noise (e.g. whistles, loud hailers, mega phones); and,
  • Banners, placards and flags or similar items.

Please restrict the size of bags brought to meetings as there are no facilities for storage of bags or other personal items – all bags will be searched upon entry. You may also be subject to secondary searches once inside the meeting.

Please also note that there are limited numbers of hard copies of agendas and papers at public meetings, so it is advisable for attendees to access these electronically or to contact Democratic Services in advance.