Make a complaint

We want to provide a good service to everyone but things can go wrong. If this happens we want to know about it so that we can put it right.

The Ombudsman

If you are not happy with the way the council has handled your complaint you have the right to refer it to the Ombudsman. There are two Ombudsmen that cover the work of the council – the Local Government Ombudsman and the Independent Housing Ombudsman. Both Ombudsmen have a slightly different approach to how they investigate complaints. Please see below for more information.

Local Government Ombudsman (LGO)

The LGO investigates complaints about most council services except for those related to housing management. You can make a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman at any time during the process, however, they will usually only investigate a complaint that has completed our own process.

If you wish to contact the Local Government Ombudsman his contact details are:

PO 4771

Telephone: 0300 061 0614

Independent Housing Ombudsman (IHO)

To complain to the Independent Housing Ombudsman you must have completed the council’s complaints process and either be referred by any MP in England or a Lambeth councillor, or wait eight weeks from the date of receiving our final response to approach them directly yourself.

Contact details for the Independent Housing Ombudsman are:

Housing Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
Harbour Exchange Square
London E14 9GE

Telephone: 0300 111 3000

See our compliance with the Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handing Code.

Contact details for all MPs can be found on the House of Commons website. You can also contact the House of Commons.

Contact details for the House of Commons are:

House of Commons

Telephone: 020 7219 4272 

Find out contact details for Lambeth councillors on the website. You can approach any councillor in Lambeth.

You can also find contact details for Lambeth councillors by calling 020 7926 1000 or writing to:

Lambeth Town Hall
Brixton Hill