Get active

Use this guide to get information and suggestions on getting active and physically healthy with exercise.

Why get active?

The Council's vision is for all people in Lambeth to be physically active in their daily lives.

We know it can often feel that life is too busy to get fit and be active, but making time for some form of physical activity each day can actually be fun and really easy.

There are a range of exercise tips and resources in this guide to help.


Being physically active is important for keeping a healthy body and mind at every stage of life.

Being active reduces the risk of developing many diseases, including diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. It also improves mental health, sleep, concentration and mood.

Being active is about personal fulfilment, having fun and connecting with others. It can also help to address a range of social issues, including:

  • community inclusion
  • crime reduction
  • skill development.

It is recommended that you do at least 30 minutes of moderate activity, five days a week, and two 30-minute strengthening sessions.

View the information on these NHS websites to find out about:

What counts?

Being active isn’t just about going to the gym or doing competitive sport. It can include activities that are part of our everyday life, including:

  • walking
  • cycling
  • dancing
  • gardening.

For children and toddlers, physical activity can include:

  • climbing
  • using a scooter
  • dancing
  • running around
  • skipping
  • messy play.