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Access a range of online forms and tools if you’re an Adult Social Care (ASC) professional or care provider.

Covid-19 Vaccination for health and social care workers

If staff or regular volunteers for your organisation are directly providing care or support to people who are clinically vulnerable to Covid-19, they may be eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine. 

We have been working with health and social care providers across the borough to identify staff who are eligible. If you have not been contacted, but think that some of your staff or regular volunteers may be eligible, get in touch to request vaccinations on behalf of your organisation.

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Care providers


Follow the steps below to get help and support for the person you're working with.

Step 1

Step 2

Assess whether this is a safeguarding issue. If so, report your concerns via the safeguarding adults form.

Step 3

To make a standard referral, fill in the Adult Social Care referral form for professionals.

You can also request an assessment by phone on 020 7926 5555.

Only complete this step if you're unable to find what you are looking for in Step 1 or the person requires an assessment to determine their care and support needs.

Key safe code

If you are a care provider (health or professional service) and you would like your client's key safe code, the request needs to be made by email at, as we can't provide the key code over the phone, no matter what the situation is.

If there are concerns for the client’s welfare, we suggest you call the emergency services.

If you have the contact details for a family member, we suggest you contact them, especially if they are local and they have their own set of keys.

For warden-controlled sites, the warden will be able to grant you access after carrying out the appropriate checks.

Lambeth Market Sustainability and Improvement Fund Documents

London Borough of Lambeth recently completed a cost of care exercise for the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) Market Sustainability and Improvement Fund.

This involved working closely with providers of older people’s care homes and of home care services for adults aged 18+ to collate and analyse information in response to the requirements of the fund.

The process for this exercise and the results are described in the ‘Annex B’ cost of care reports:

Home care report

Care homes report