A3036 Wandsworth Road – Collision Reduction Programme

We’re proposing to improve road safety for vulnerable road users and install an additional Electric Vehicle (EV) parking bay on Killyon Road between the junctions of Queenstown Road, Union Road and by Wandsworth Road Overground station.

Project status: In development Cost: £482k Local Improvement Plan (LIP) Neighbourhood: Clapham

Collision Reduction

As part of the Council’s Collision Reduction Programme to reduce the number of vulnerable road users involved in collisions, which includes pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists or scooters, we’re proposing to introduce a range of improvements to the highway and traffic signals at three junctions:

As part of the programme, we’re also proposing to improve safety for vulnerable road users on Pensbury Place and Westbury Street by adding a new cycle lane, various other network improvements and an EV charging bay to provide electric vehicle users with space to charge their vehicle.

The number of people killed or seriously injured on roads in the borough has been increasing year on year. Every Highway Authority has a duty to deliver measures to reduce collisions and promote road safety.

The council has set out its policies and strategies for achieving this over the coming 20 years in its draft Lambeth Transport Strategy (LTS).

The specific strategic outcome relating to these proposals is to reduce road danger and the number of people killed or seriously injured through targeted infrastructure improvements.

Our proposals are especially, designed to reduce hazards for those classed as vulnerable road users who make up 84% of the recorded casualties and to deliver one of the three priorities identified in the Borough Plan - Future Lambeth‘Strong and Sustainable Neighbourhoods' and support the target outcomes regarding road safety and collision reduction.

Three Junction improvements proposals

Between April 2015 and May 2018, 38 casualties were recorded at the signalised junctions of:

  • Queenstown Road
  • Silverthorne Road
  • Union Road

8% of these collisions were classified as serious. Although outside of the analysis period, it should be noted that a cyclist was involved in a fatal collision with a heavy goods vehicle at the junction of Wandsworth Road and Silverthorne Road on 4 July 2019.

Our proposals include:

  • Deepening the space for cyclists to wait ahead of motor vehicles at traffic signals’ stop lines.
  • A new green signal for cyclists that is shown four-seconds before that for motor vehicles.
  • Improving existing cycle lane facilities and road lane marking modifications.
  • Countdown displays that tell pedestrians how many seconds they have remaining to cross in safety.

Network Improvements Proposals

13 casualties were recorded along the study area between Pensbury Place and Westbury Street between April 2015 and May 2018. In total 3 of these collisions were classified as serious.

We are proposing to widen the footway and narrow the carriageway between Pensbury Place and Westbury Street, as this will slow traffic and create a safer physical space for cyclists and improve the environment for pedestrians and motorcyclists.

The following improvements are proposed:

  • A new eastbound cycle lane on the carriageway outside Wandsworth Overground station.
  • Narrowing the eastbound traffic lane to 3.2m to discourage overtaking.
  • Converting the short section of existing cycle track into footway.
  • An electric vehicle charging bay.
  • A raised table entry treatment at the junction with Portslade Road.
  • Tightening the junction with Victoria Rise.
  • New waiting and loading restrictions to support the measures.
  • Tactile paving at all uncontrolled (side road) crossing points.

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