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Our Lambeth 2030 Vision Statement

"Lambeth – a borough with social and climate justice at its heart.

By harnessing the power and pride of our people and partnerships, we will proactively tackle inequalities so that children and young people can have the best start in life and so everyone can feel safe and thrive in a place of opportunity."

Shaping Lambeth 2030

Over the last year, we’ve been asking you, our residents and partners who know Lambeth best, to imagine the future and help shape our shared vision for Lambeth 2030. You told us what you like, what makes Lambeth unique, what challenges are we facing now, and those you anticipate on the journey to 2030.

You shared that it is the people of Lambeth – their open heart and pioneering spirit, along with our geographical connectivity, vibrant business community, and passionate voluntary sector - that place Lambeth in an unparalleled and unique position in London.

However, in common with the rest of London and the country, we continue to adapt to the post-covid landscape and face the harsh realities of the cost-of-living crisis along with uncertainty of the future of public sector finance. We know that the impacts of climate change, London’s housing crisis, and the challenges of poor health and wellbeing are deeply impacting our communities, and we know that this must end now.

As we look towards the future – one that allows each of us to thrive with social and climate justice at its heart – we must take a focussed approach and positive action to build a stronger borough that delivers for everyone.

About Lambeth 2030

Informed by hundreds of conversations, workshops, and our Lambeth survey, we’ve laid out our collective vision and ambitions for the future in the new Lambeth Borough Plan - Lambeth 2030: Our Future, Our Lambeth.

Lambeth 2030 is a Borough Plan for everyone. It sets out how we will transform and reshape our neighbourhoods and equip our communities so that the Lambeth we see in 2030 is one that is healthier, safer, sustainable, and active in tearing down deep-rooted inequalities. It will bind us to work together, representing the beginning of our journey and collective effort to shape the future of Lambeth.

Lambeth 2030 includes:

  • Our Lambeth 2030 Vision Statement
  • Our Commitments for Lambeth
  • The Lambeth Golden Thread - Equity and Justice
  • Our 2030 Ambitions
  • Our Lambeth 2030 Outcomes
  • Our Partnership Commitment.

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The Lambeth Golden Thread and 2030 ambitions

Based on the feedback and what we know about the challenges our borough faces, Lambeth 2030 sets three bold ambitions:

  1. Making Lambeth neighbourhoods fit for the future - By 2030, Lambeth will be a clean, vibrant and climate resilient borough where people can lead healthier, happier lives.
  2. Making Lambeth one of the safest boroughs in London - By 2030, Lambeth will be one of the safest boroughs in London, where everyone feels safe and secure – in all places.
  3. Making Lambeth a place we can all call home - By 2030, Lambeth will be a lifelong borough, with the best conditions to grow up and age well, where everyone can contribute to an inclusive economy, and have a place to call home.

All of these are inextricably linked by the Lambeth Golden Thread – a new commitment to make Lambeth a borough of equity and justice.

By 2030, Lambeth will be a fair and equitable borough, which seeks and delivers justice through all that we do.

Read Lambeth 2030: Our Future, Our Lambeth (6MB, PDF)

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Delivering Lambeth 2030

These bold ambitions and building the future of Lambeth will require the council, businesses, partner organisations, community groups, and residents to work together to make them a reality.

Some of the borough’s key organisations, partnerships and forums working together for a better Lambeth are:

  • Lambeth Council
  • Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Safer Lambeth Partnership
  • Lambeth Together
  • South East London Integrated Care Board
  • Black Thrive Partnership
  • Lambeth BIDS
  • Lambeth Forum Network
  • Lambeth Community Hubs Network
  • Lambeth Sanctuary Forum
  • Kings College London
  • London South Bank University
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Climate Partnership Group
  • Air Quality Forum

Lambeth is lucky enough to have hundreds more groups and organisations, from grassroots to those with a global profile, working to make a difference for Lambeth.

It is through working in partnership that we will achieve and deliver our Lambeth 2030 vision, ambitions, outcomes, and commitments so that we create a future for all of us.

Next steps

We want Lambeth 2030 to be an ongoing conversation with our partners and residents, to make our collective ambitions a reality.

Over the upcoming months we will be announcing workshops and conversations, open to everyone, to set out how we can work together to deliver and achieve the outcomes for Lambeth by 2030.

Please contact with any questions.

Let’s do this together.

Lambeth 2030: Our Future, Our Lambeth.