Brixton Business District Road Safety & Parking Improvements

We are proposing to improve road safety for all road users and provide some additional parking to support the local community in the Brixton Business District.

Parked cars on a road in Brixton
Project status: In delivery Neighbourhood: Brixton

As part of the council’s collision reduction programme, we’re proposing to introduce a one-way system on Rushcroft Road and Electric Lane (South) to reduce collisions and make it safer for all road users.

It is also proposed to install a raised speed table at the junction of Coldharbour Lane and Belinda Road to reduce traffic speed. Along with reduced traffic speeds to further improve safety for cyclists on this part of Coldharbour Lane we plan to install a new cycle lane from Shakespeare road to Belinda Road.

To support the local community, we’re proposing to introduce some additional parking spaces on Rushcroft Road, Porden Road, Saltoun Road, Kellett Road and Mervan Road.

Rushcroft Road/Electric Lane South proposals

To reduce collisions we have proposed the following road traffic changes to Rushcroft Road/Electric Lane (South):  

  • Traffic will only be allowed to travel one-way entering Rushcroft Road from Coldharbour Lane and traffic will only be allowed to exit Electric Avenue (S) onto Coldharbour Lane. -  This will reduce the number of vehicle movements on both these junctions, making it easier for vulnerable road users to navigate. Introducing a one-way traffic system will also reduce driver conflicts and address anti-social driver behaviour such as the use of horns.  
  • Additional restrictions are proposed to address unsafe and illegal parking on the junction corners.    
  • There are plans to add 'two new residents’ only parking spaces outside 1 to 8 Suffolk House, as this space will no longer be required as a passing gap for vehicles moving in opposite directions to pass one another.  
  • It is not proposed to allow cycling in both directions as we are concerned this would be unsafe for riders due to the narrow width of the road, visibility and associated safety implications.

Coldharbour Lane/Belinda Road proposals

Our study of road safety in this location has shown that collisions could be reduced on Coldharbour Lane and Belinda Road. During a 36-month study period, 18 collisions were recorded on Coldharbour Lane between Loughborough Park and Belinda Road. 77% involved pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. 

We are planning to:

  • Install a raised speed table which will reduce speeding traffic by physically enforcing slower vehicle speeds. Speeds up to 57mph were captured by our research.
  • Provide a new cycle lane on the north side of Coldharbour Lane to make conditions safer for cyclists. The cycle lane will make it quicker and safer for people to cycle around Brixton, a key objective of our Brixton Liveable Neighbourhoods project.
  • Additional restrictions to address unsafe and illegal parking on the proposed new raised table and cycle lane. 

Brixton Business District parking bay proposals

New building developments in the area have reduced on-street parking in the Brixton Business Improvement District. To support local businesses and residents, we are proposing a total of 24 additional on-street parking bays and 1 new disabled bay to increase parking capacity in:

  • Rushcroft Road
  • Porden Road (disabled bay)
  • Saltoun Road
  • Kellett Road
  • Mervan Road  

Eighteen of these parking spaces would accommodate business permit holders who have a lack of dedicated parking facilities and often have to circle the area to find a space. Three of these parking bays would be shared with residents and pay by phone users.

  • Porden Road - Introducing 4 business only bays, 9 resident only bays and 1 Disabled bay.  
  • Saltoun Road - Introducing 3 business only bays 
  • Kellet Road - Introducing 2 business only bays 
  • Mervan Road - Introducing 6 business only bays 
  • Trinity Gardens - converting 3 shared use Res/Bus/PBP bays to business only    

All new bays are replacing existing waiting restrictions. Please also follow this page for updates.

For further detailed information and reasons why we are considering these proposals, you can visit the Brixton Business District project webpage. 

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