Resilient communities: communities that are thriving and connected

Stronger relationships and a vibrant community sector, alongside economic growth, will enable communities to thrive.

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Project status: In delivery Neighbourhood: Lambeth wide

Stronger relationships and a vibrant community sector, alongside economic growth, will enable communities to thrive. This will also mean investing in preventative approaches in order to respond to challenges early and build resilience. This ambition includes: best start in life, life-long learning and education, serious youth violence, early intervention and resilience, and community assets.

  • Early years – ensure children have the support and resources to get the best start in life
  • Life-long learning and education – invest in skills, life-long learning and networks for children and adults
  • Serious youth violence – work together to improve young people’s opportunities and reduce youth violence
  • Early intervention and resilience (or preventing problems from escalating) - supporting people to get help as early as possible and build their resilience
  • Community assets – supporting community assets such as libraries that help keep people well

Our other big ambitions for Lambeth:

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