Register a birth

Use this guide to find information on registering the birth of your child.

Alternative ways to register your baby’s birth (register by declaration)

If your baby was born in Lambeth, you should register the birth with us by booking an appointment. But, if you can't get to us, you can give the details to any Register Office in England and Wales. This is called registering a birth by declaration.

The Register Office that you visit will send the information on to us and we will complete the registration. After payment is taken, we will send you the certificate in the post.

Visit the General Register Office website to search for your local office. You may need to book an appointment to visit the register office and it is advised to contact them first.

If you require the full birth certificate and any additional copies, after you have had your appointment with your local office please order certificates online for the amount of £11 for each certificate.

Order birth certificates after registering by declaration

Purchase of 4 or more birth certificates will receive a free baby gift (4 birth certificates = free bodysuit or bib, 5 or more birth certificates = free comforter) Please state on the reverse of your cheque or postal order which gift you would like to receive.

Free gifts are dependent on available stock at the time of purchase and while supplies last.

For example, if your baby was born at Kings College Hospital, but you visit Wandsworth register office, you will need to provide the details of the birth to Wandsworth and provide a cheque or postal order made out to 'London Borough of Lambeth'. Wandsworth register office will post the details of the birth and the cheque to Lambeth Register Office. Lambeth Register Office will register the birth and post certificates if we have received payment to your address.