What is VAWG?

About VAWG and the different types of violence and abuse.

VAWG and gender inequality

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All forms of VAWG are rooted in gender inequality. Male violence is the result of deep societal beliefs about gender roles, masculinity and femininity, and the attitudes and social structures that maintain these.

They cause significant harm to women, but also hurt children and create additional risks and barriers to support, safety and wellbeing for male, trans, and non-binary victims and survivors.

Violence and abuse can happen to anyone, but there are differences in how people experience it, and the multiple factors that affect people’s access to services and their experiences within those services.

To prevent and tackle VAWG, we need to work together to challenge myths and attitudes that excuse or minimise abusive behaviour, and create services that hold perpetrators of abuse accountable for their behaviour.

We need to involve victims, survivors and affected communities in the design and delivery of services that can offer appropriate support to all those experiencing VAWG, so they are safe, able to recover, and move forward with their lives.

VAWG is both a cause and consequence of gender inequality in society.