School self-evaluation

The Research and Statistics Service works on strategies to support schools in the effective use of data. The use of performance data is seen nationally as essential to school improvement. The effective use of school data will contribute towards a school's capacity to improve and therefore it is important for key members of staff and governors to understand how data can be used to evaluate and improve the performance of a school. As a result, the Research and Statistics team has established a strong tradition of providing performance data to schools and governors in their efforts to raise standards, by providing the following ongoing services to schools:-

  1. School Profiles: The Research and Statistics service issues all its governors as well as all headteachers and teachers with a School Profile: Making Figures Speak for Themselves. The aim of the school profile is to provide a comprehensive set of data to support governors and headteachers in developing their roles and exercising responsibilities for the strategic management of schools.

  2. Contextual Reports for all Key Stages: In addition to school profiles for primary and schools, the team also provides your school customised FSP, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 contextual performance data and report to identify underachieving groups. The contextual reports are analysed by factors such as gender, ethnic background, fluency in English, free school meals mobility rate. Schools and governors use each contextual report to monitor progress over time, factors influencing performance, identify key areas of action to ensure improvements, set targets and address issues of underperforming groups of pupils.

  3. Value Added Analysis and Reports: Value added data is seen in Lambeth as essential to enhance teachers’ abilities to analyse effectiveness in terms of progress their pupils have made and to enable them to take necessary steps for improvement. They have considerable value diagnostically in making it possible to track the progress of individual pupils. The Research and Statistics Service provides KS1 to KS2 and KS2 to KS4 value added reports to schools.