Resident engagement

A new Estate Renewal Resident Engagement Framework  

We know that clear, open and meaningful resident engagement is central to the success of the renewal of your estate. 

This new engagement framework sets out how we will work with you, how we will support you and how we will make sure all our residents’ diverse voices are heard. 

Download the new Estate Renewal Resident Engagement Framework (PDF, 873.38KB)

Flower beds and gardens in front of an estate

Consultation on the new engagement framework  

Throughout February and March 2023, the council consulted with residents across the six estates on the new engagement framework. 

Over a third of all residents responded to the consultation, with the majority supportive. Residents also provided feedback on how the council could work better with them.  

Further information

Putting the framework into practice  

In Autumn 2023, the council will put the framework into practice by producing local engagement plans for each of the estates including a timeline for the 12 months so residents can see what is happening and how they can get involved.  

Reporting on the council’s engagement work 

During the consultation, many residents told us they supported the engagement framework but didn’t think the council would follow through on its promises.  

In response, and to empower residents to hold us to account, we added a new Monitoring and Reporting section to the framework which commits the council to:  

  • work with resident groups to design a new resident engagement survey.  
  • undertake the new resident engagement survey annually. 
  • undertake regular check-ins with the Resident Engagement Groups (REGs) to specifically review how engagement is being carried out and whether any changes are needed. 
  • consult with your independent resident advisor on feedback they have gathered during their work with residents 
  • undertake and equalities impact assessment of this framework and publish any related recommendations.  

As well as publishing an annual report for residents setting out: 

  1. the engagement activities that have taken place over the previous year,  
  2. the results of the annual resident engagement survey  
  3. anonymised equalities and demographic data of residents who have participated to ensure all communities have been able to participate  
  4. an action plan for the following year where there is an underrepresentation of communities in the engagement process and to address any issues raised in the resident survey.