Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs)

Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) can offer good quality affordable accommodation to people who cannot afford to buy their own homes and are not eligible for council housing.

Rent repayment orders (RRO)

Tenants and former tenants can reclaim up to 12 months' rent with a rent repayment order (RRO) if the landlord has committed a housing-related offence, more information can be found on Shelters  webpage

A tenant can make an application to the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) for a RRO and this should be made as soon as possible.  

Tenants can get help with their application from a Citizens Advice Bureau, a student union or other organisations offering housing advice. 

The laws protecting tenants still apply and a landlord has no right to make a tenant leave their home because they are applying for a RRO. 

Please note: only private tenants and the council can apply for RROs, this is not available to council tenants or tenants of housing associations or arms length management organisations. 

If a tenant receiving housing benefit/universal credit makes an application for a rent repayment order the money will be awarded to the council.