Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs)

Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) can offer good quality affordable accommodation to people who cannot afford to buy their own homes and are not eligible for council housing.

Temporary exemption notice (TEN)

A TEN suspends the requirement for a licence because the owner has notified us that she or he is currently taking steps to change the way the house in multiple occupation (HMO) is occupied. This could, for example, seeking planning permission to convert the HMO into a single family dwelling or the property has been put up for sale.

Temporary exemption is what it says: temporary.

We can serve a temporary exemption notice (TEN) which will exempt the premises from licensing for three months.

In certain unusual circumstances it can extend this for a further three months. After that, there is no power to exempt the premises and the property must be licensed.

Apply for a Temporary Exemption Notice (TEN)

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