Report a concern about an adult

Use this guide to find information and advice on reporting your concerns about an adult.

What happens next

Once safeguarding concerns have been raised with us, someone, such as a social worker, nurse or someone that the person trusts, will talk to the adult at risk. They will discuss their situation and find out what the adult at risk thinks should be done to keep them safe and properly cared for.

The people that the adult at risk would like to have involved will then be contacted, to build up a picture of what has happened.

In these situations, the process of gathering information about the situation is called a ‘Safeguarding Adults Enquiry’.

It will be agreed with the adult at risk who needs to be involved. Depending on the situation, this might be:

  • the police
  • a GP
  • other professionals who will help keep the adult at risk safe.

This process could take a few days or a few weeks.