Our Streets - The Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme

Use this guide to find out more about the Our Streets phase of the Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme.

Streatham Wells

What's happened so far?

In Streatham Wells we have completed the following schemes as part of the Our Streets programme:

  • New waiting and loading restrictions (yellow lines) to prevent dangerous parking and improve traffic flow.
  • New road humps on Valley Road, Gleneldon Road, Leigham Vale and Gracefield Gardens.
  • Harborough Road was made no-entry from Sunnyhill Road.
  • Valley Road/South Oak Road pedestrian crossing improvements.
  • Leigham Vale/Hitherfield Primary School entry safety improvements.
  • Construction of a footway build-out on the southern side of Madeira Road to create an informal crossing point and increase awareness of the Russell’s Footpath walking route.
  • Declutter the pavements and improve the public space on Leigham Avenue.

What happens next?

Demolition of the wall at the top of the stairwell, where Russell’s Footpath joins the High Street. Replacing the wall with a railing to allow more visibility and natural surveillance of the footpath. Details can be found here.