Our Streets - The Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme

Use this guide to find out more about the Our Streets phase of the Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme.

St Leonard’s

What's happened so far?

This project is part of Streatham Our Streets - the development of a package of improvements to the St. Leonard's ward neighbourhood based on a public consultation carried out during 2015/16. We have been working with the Streatham Business Improvement District (BID) and Transport for London (TfL) to develop a series of concept designs for important locations across St Leonard's ward. Over 300 residents from the ward took part. A street-by-street analysis of responses has been collated and forms the basis of the improvement programme. Some common themes have emerged with many respondents asking for measures to tackle speeding traffic, better street lighting and more tree planting.

Woodfield Avenue/Bedford Hill

The junction of Woodfield Avenue, Garrad’s Road, Mount Ephraim Lane, Abbotswood Road and Bedford Hill at the eastern edge of Tooting Bec Common, is where five roads meet. The southern end of Mount Ephraim Lane is closed to motor traffic with a fire gate. Abbotswood Road leads to the Streatham and Clapham High School. Woodfield Avenue and Garrad’s Road are two of the main links to Bedford Hill to and from Balham.

Consultation carried out in October 2017 showed clear support for adding additional greening to the area and reducing the speed of vehicle traffic to protect vulnerable road users, including pedestrians and cyclists. The proposals will:

  • create a wider pavement and new planting area on the north side of Woodfield Avenue
  • narrow the width of the road and raise the road level to improve pedestrian safety and reduce traffic speeds
  • build a wider pavement, new trees and improve the access on the southern side of Woodfield Avenue.

During statutory consultation in July 2018, a number of concerns were raised about removal of the central island and parking loss. The design has been updated to address these issues and the scheme will be constructed in June 2019. 

View the revised design

Greyhound Lane Public Realm Improvements

This project is now complete. We changed the junction layout to create a vehicle-free space that is safer, attractive and more accessible for people. The slip road was removed and replaced with a paved and landscaped area.